Faq Archive - EnerCom Dallas

How can we present at EnerCom Dallas 14?

The conference is “invite-only” for presenting companies. However, we’re always interested to learn about new oil and gas names interested in presenting. Please contact an EnerCom representative to discuss presentation opportunities.

Can I participate and/or request one-on-one meetings with the presenters?

EnerCom, by practice, is an investor relations consultant. As such, the purpose of the conference is to introduce publicly traded oil and gas companies to equity investors and/or analysts. Therefore, the one-on-one meetings are reserved for presenting companies, equity portfolio managers and/or

How much does it cost to register and attend EnerCom Dallas?

All registrations are reviewed by EnerCom. Buy-side equity portfolio managers and sell-side research analysts are not charged to attend or participate in one-on-one meetings. If you are not a buy-side portfolio manager, research analyst, or prominent member of the investment community, you

Who should attend EnerCom Dallas?

Equity portfolio managers, research analysts, investment professionals, high net worth investors and general industry professionals interested in hearing from publicly traded oil and gas company executives should attend.